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Sub Contract Jobs in Sri Lanka: A Promising Avenue for Employment

Sri Lanka is a country that boasts of a vibrant economy with diverse opportunities for job seekers. Among the many available options, sub contract jobs in Sri Lanka are emerging as a lucrative way of earning a decent income. With the rising demand for skilled workers in various sectors, the demand for sub contract jobs has also increased significantly. In this article, we will explore what sub contract jobs are, the benefits they offer, and the top sub contract jobs available in Sri Lanka.

What Are Sub Contract Jobs?

Sub contract jobs are temporary positions that companies outsource to contractors to complete their projects or to work on specific assignments. As an example, a company may need a website, but they may not have the in-house talent to do it or want to hire a full-time employee. In such a case, they can outsource the project to a sub contractor who will complete it on a temporary basis. The sub contractor is not an employee of the company, but rather they are a separate entity who specializes in a particular field.

Benefits of Sub Contract Jobs in Sri Lanka

There are many benefits of working as a sub contractor in Sri Lanka. First, it offers flexibility in terms of working hours. As a sub contractor, you can work from the comfort of your own home or wherever you choose, and on your own schedule, as long as you complete the project on time. This makes it ideal for people who have other commitments or responsibilities.

Secondly, sub contract jobs offer diverse opportunities. As a sub contractor, you can work in various sectors such as IT, marketing, finance, engineering, and health, among others. This diversity allows you to explore different fields and gain experience in various industries.

Thirdly, sub contract jobs offer higher pay rates than regular jobs. Since sub contractors are paid on a project-by-project basis, the payment amount is often higher than the regular salary. This makes it an attractive option for people who want to earn extra income.

Top Sub Contract Jobs in Sri Lanka

1. IT and Software Development: With the growing need for technology advancement, IT and software development have become some of the most in-demand sub contract jobs in Sri Lanka. Companies are always looking for web developers, app developers, software engineers, and designers.

2. Content Writing and Editing: With the rise of digital marketing, content writing and editing is another field that has gained popularity. Companies are looking for skilled writers and editors to produce content for their websites, blogs, and social media platforms.

3. Graphic Design: Graphic design is another field that is in high demand. Companies need graphic designers to create logos, branding, and design a wide variety of visual content for their marketing efforts.

4. Accounting and Finance: Accounting and finance are essential functions in any organization. Many companies often outsource these tasks to sub contractors who are skilled in accounting and finance to complete their projects.


Sub contract jobs offer unique opportunities for people looking for flexible work arrangements, diverse opportunities, and higher pay rates. Sri Lanka has many options available for people who want to pursue a career as a sub contractor. As the economy continues to grow and evolve, sub contract jobs are becoming an increasingly attractive option for job seekers in various fields.