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Strawinskylaan 503, 1077 XX, Amsterdam

Address Bangladesh

Apartment A4, 4th floor, 23/16 Khilji Road Block-B, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207

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Joke Le Poole: +31 20 611 7674

Riad Imam Mahmud: +88 017 1123 2093
Maartje Pronk: +88 013 0805 3813

Frequently asked questions

Why not build large scale grids that cover more households, wouldn’t that be a faster way to ensure safe water access for everyone?

The capital investment on large scale grids is around 40x higher than for our mini-grids, while connection uptake and payment rates are generally lower. Experience shows that this is not business viable. Large scale grids also require a lot of political manoeuvring, which means that they take much longer to build.

What tariff are you charging?

An average household pays 30 BDT per m3 (around €0.31/m3) or 3 paisha/liter.

Is Max Social Enterprise independent from Max Foundation?

Yes, Max Social Enterprise and Max Foundation are independent legal entities with separate registrations and financial accounts. The Board of Max Foundation guards the social mission of the Max Social Enterprise company.