Max TapWater

We see a future in Bangladesh without water crisis. A Bangladesh in which every person  has safe, sufficient and affordable water delivered straight into their home.

About Us

Max TapWater connects households to easy and safe water at an affordable price through piped water grids. The company was established in 2019 as a spin-off from Max Foundation. We have built 27 Max TapWater grids, which are supplying safe water to 1,500 households.

Our grids are not technically complicated. They are quite simple and materials are locally sourced. The innovation is the entrepreneurial model that works in small clusters of households and with a local entrepreneur who can co-invest.

From our pilot grids we learned that people are willing to pay for piped water at home, a business approach therefore works better and small minigrids of around 70 households are financially more attractive.

Why piped water delivered at home?

1. Research shows that piped water improves health.

2. It is more convenient as it reduces the burden of water collection, which is overwhelmingly done by women and girls.

3. To bring Bangladesh to the final step on the SDG water ladder: ‘safely managed drinking water’ – located on premises, available when needed and free from contamination



Household Connections

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